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Our Story

The MISSU® brand was established in 2008 by Helen Zeng whilst studying for her Marketing degree...

Since then, Helen has built a successful nail and beauty business with huge growth using her in depth knowledge of social media marketing reaching out to thousands of followers giving Helen a globally recognised base to grow and reach out to the industry.

Local business man Gareth Doe recognised the potential of the brand and product offering and formed a partnership with Helen in 2015. Following significant social media interest and sales, the MISSU beauty network ltd. was formally incorporated in 2016. The company has expanded its sales by circa 300% in just 6 months and carries on growing month by month. Our rapid growth has been primarily developed by the extensive brand awareness on social media by ourselves and many other Nail Art experts cooperatively helping each other to regularly achieve audiences of over 500K followers.

Missu Beauty Network Ltd. has become one of the fastest growing online nails businesses, supplying online classes, hands-on courses and selling the latest high quality products for nail artists. After many requests from our followers, MISSU has joined forces with other internationally known Nail Artists to offer our exclusive Online Masterclass for beginners and professional nail artists.

We now have a huge global clientele. As our business grows, we have taken on other highly motivated Nail Artists to distribute our ever popular products. For more information about becoming our distributor, please visit the link HERE.

Why choose Missu® products?

Premium quality products

No nasty ingredients. 5-free products.

Fantastic customer service

Dedicated team to support our clients and students by message, email, and phone

World famous nail artist

We collaborate with the best nail artists in the world to design the best products suitable from basic nails to advanced nail art